become a monthly partner

Why is it important to have monthly donors?

Monthly partners help us meet our budget needs to house and provide for the women and babies who live with us.  Monthly partners help us keep the lights on, and meet the specialized needs of each mother and baby.

$25/Month pays for a mother’s programming needs

$50/Month provides for a baby’s monthly needs

$100/Month meets the transportation needs for a mother and baby.

$200/Month provides proper nutrition needs for a mom and baby

$250/Month provides the costs to house a mother and baby

As a thank you for signing up to be a monthly partner, we will send you a free Sparrow’s Nest T-Shirt!

current donation needs


Size 3 Diapers

Baby Safe Laundry Detergent

Kitchen Trash Bags

Lotion for Mothers

Corona Diaper Ointment (Yellow Jar with Red Lid)


Infant Motrin/Tylenol

Women’s Deodorant

Women’s Razors

Here is a link to our AMAZON WISH LIST if you wish to purchase items off our list!
For anyone wanting to gather items for us on our behalf, here is a good checklist of items we can use!  Feel free to download, print, and post or pass out!