questions and answers

 Q:​ What is The Sparrow’s Nest?

We are a Christ-centered residential care facility for pregnant women in crisis. We offer a safe home that provides shelter, food, prenatal/postpartum care, spiritual, mental, financial, rides to medical appointments, educational, and emotional care and training to help a woman prepare for living a stable life once she has completed the program. The typical program length is 12-18 months.

Q:​ How much does it cost to stay at The Sparrow’s Nest?

There are no financial costs to our residents. We rely on the generosity of donors so our residents might work toward financial independence once they leave our program. 

Q:​ While at The Sparrow’s Nest, will I be able to continue my education?

Yes, most definitely! We encourage GED classes, college, technical and vocational training.

Q:​ Can I have a job?

Yes. Depending on the educational needs and financial obligations a woman enters our home with, women will be encouraged to work. We have an internship program through our ministry that also helps provide employment opportunities and job skill training to our residents.  We would prefer a resident without their GED prioritize that before entering the workforce.

Q:​ How old are the residents who stay at The Sparrow’s Nest

We serve individuals ages 18+ 

Q:​ How far along in my pregnancy do I need to be before I can come?

Anytime, provided that you have proof of pregnancy.

Q:​ Can I be forced to come to The Sparrow’s Nest?

No. You must make your own decision to come into our home. 

Q:​ How long can I stay at The Sparrow’s Nest 

You are allowed to stay until your baby is 12-15 months provided you are successful in working your individualized plan for success. If you make a birth plan that involves adoption, we will work with you to determine the best post-adoptive plan that meets your physcial and emotional needs. 


Q:​ Can my family and friends visit me?

Yes. You will assemble a list of potential visitors. Visitors will need to be approved by staff and subject to background checks. Since we live in community, we want to ensure everyone’s safety.

Q:​ If I come to The Sparrow’s Nest, do I have to place my baby for adoption?

No. Parenting or placing for adoption is your decision. You will never be pressured into a decision either way.  We offer options counseling and encourage you to make the decision that you feel is best for you and your baby.

Q:​ I already have a child. Can I bring him/her with me?

It is a possibility, evaluated on a case-by-case basis. That will be determined in the interview/evaluation process and dependent on space availability. 

Q:​ Where will I deliver? Can my family be with me?

 Depending on the city you are coming to us from and if you have prior OB care, we will help you make a birth plan. This includes your hospital and the people you want with you when you deliver.

Q:​ How do I apply?

1. Complete the online application here. Prospective Resident will also sign the Resident Covenant for living with us.

2. A Sparrow’s Nest staff member will contact the prospective resident and conduct a brief interview via phone.  Then we will set up a more in depth interview with our Director and House Parents (by phone or in person depending on where you live).

3. If the prospective resident is eligible for our program and space is available, the prospective resident will be notified and a date to move in will be scheduled.

4. We know that in a crisis situation, time is sensitive.  Our goal is to complete this application and interview process as quickly but with as much wisdom as we can. We want to ensure potential residents have the best chance to be successful in our program.